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Thank you for your interest in our products and materials, we look forward to working with you. Please complete the Get a Quote form for all inquiries. For accurate wholesale quotes please include physical shipping zip codes and quantities of products desired. For sourcing requests, as much information as possible regarding specifications of materials.

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About Farm to Market

Since 2018, our founders have worked to identify legitimate suppliers of hemp and sustainable goods made in North America.  After months of research and assisting farmers in IL, and as legalization of hemp swept the nation, Texas became the focus so we could help our home state succeed in the market place.  Farm to Market unpopularly warned farmers to wait and not accept the first promise that rolled through town and to sell their harvests prior to planting - yes be prepaid for their work. While others laughed, the F2M team set out to locate real buyers who understand the value of the farmer. Identifying industrial hemp buyers with proper funding and proper motives meant navigating a flooded scene of cannabidiol overproduction with devalued harvests and a lack of infrastructure for fiber, plastics and fuels. Farm to Market holds to it's original advice and still warns farmers today. Others want to rush you - not F2M - we say "Plant the genetics identified and supplied by your buyer or don't plant at all" It's sound advice and we are okay that not everyone listens - the good folks will.

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